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    Chinese English| Favorite| Contact us Welcome to the website of “Wuxi Yisto Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.”!

    Wuxi Yisto Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Service Hotline400 100 5226

    Customer first, HonestyAbout us

    Wuxi Yisto Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise providing integrated stamping solutions. Companies adhering to customer satisfaction, quality first, service-oriented business philosophy, focus on brand building.
    The company strives to promote practical and rigorous work style, pays attention to technology research and development and scientific humanity...See Details >

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    Common Problem/ FAQ

    Maintenance and maintenance of auxiliary equipment for high-speed punching machines?
    The maintenance and maintenance of the auxiliary equipment of high-speed punching machine mainly includes: maintenance and maintenance of numerical control indexing head, automatic tool changer and hydraulic air pressure system. 1. Maintenance and maintenance of CNC indexing head...
    Implementation of punch noise reduction project
    Implementation of the punch noise reduction project: 1. Reverberation time of the workshop and the noise value of each noise source: Reverberation time means that the indoor sound reaches a steady state, and the residual sound reciprocates in the room after the sound source stops sounding...
    Surface quality of products after high speed precision punching
    Material quality requirements for stamping using high speed presses, including the following 1. The surface of the material must be smooth and flat, without scratches, without pores and shrinkage holes. 2. There is no delamination of the material section, no obvious mechanical damage...
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